The academic approach in the Group

In 2019 Merito Group Universities founded the first Research Federation of WSB-DSW Merito Universities. The mission of the Federation is to conduct research activity, commercialise the effects of scientific research and know-how linked with the achieved results, and manage internal publication activity and cooperation with the socio-economic environment. 


Teaching and learning

Disciplines of science

Merito Group offers over 1,000 study programmes, primarily at a bachelor’s degree level and master’s degree level also on post-graduate and MBA studies.




Merito Group is distinguished by:
  • Highly assessed, diverse academic staff with broad experience in an extra-academic, professional environment.
  • Exquisite technological and technical equipment, modern teaching rooms


Scientistic research

Research employees of the member universities of the Research Federation of WSB-DSW Merito Universities conduct research mainly in the area of social science, humanities, engineering and technology. The results of their research are published in national and international journals. They also find application in social and economic institutions, i.a. through expert opinions provided at the request of private and public entities. Thanks to the cooperation of scholars from different centres, the research conducted within the Federation is comprehensive and interdisciplinary. Moreover, the research employees of the Federation are appointed as experts to interpret social and economic events and cooperate with the media as opinion-formers.


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